Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go…

Well that dreaded time arrived a few weeks ago and I am now a proper employee again. Actually, I’m only doing 3 days a week so I suppose that makes me a part-time employee instead! Either way, I’m back at work!!

Luckily, Neve gets to stay with her Granny on Wednesdays and Thursday so we don’t have to fork out for extortionate nursery fees.

Then on Fridays, I work from home in the mornings and then once Rich gets home around lunch time, he takes over and I go into the office for the rest of the day.

It’s all been working ok so far, apart from my alarm failing to go off one day which resulted in me having a mild panic attack! Pre-baby I wouldn’t even worry about such a thing as I could just get dressed and eat my breakfast in the car, but when you’ve got to organise everything for a mini person as well it takes a lot more time and effort! My mum kindly saved the day though and offered to feed Neve her breakfast at her house so I didn’t have to do as much as I normally would in the morning!

On my days off (which seem to fly by even quicker than before now there are less of them), we’ve been trying to cram in as much as possible.

The last few weeks have involved:

  • play dates at home and at the park
  • picnics
  • a trip to the zoo
  • shopping trips (surely not!)
  • teething troubles
  • food poisoning…oh and a small bout of hand foot and mouth disease! (and no, it’s NOT the thing that cows get!)

Neve also has unbelievably just turned 9 months old. 

She’s still not decided on her next method of getting around and does a bit of backward crawling, a bit of bottom shuffling and a lot of walking around when holding onto someone or occasionally something!
Most of the time though she rolls wherever she wants and manages to get pretty much to her desired destination every time, so I’m not worried!

I’ve started thinking of birthday ideas for her and keep getting stuck, but I’m trying not to get carried away as everyone keeps telling me she won’t even realise it’s her birthday so there’s no point in spending loads of money - not that I can afford to anyway! 

Things are still going with Two Birds Craft, but we’ve left off on the blog side rather a lot as it was taking over our life a bit too much! We’re still updating our Instagram feed with our progess regularly though and our Etsy shop has filled up nicely with goodies!

Will update again soon! X

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Two birds craft, first post-about us!

Sorry, more self promotion..

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Two Birds Craft - Jewellery Preview

Introducing….Two Birds Craft

Me and my friend Anna have been thinking for a while about putting our crafty skills together and starting up a new venture to put those skills to good use.
Yesterday we had a little catch up and set up all our online profiles for our new project.
It’s all very much a work in progress at the moment but please feel free to have a look at our blog and follow us on Twitter and Instagram

Blog: www.twobirdscraft.blogspot.com
Twitter and Instagram username: twobirdscraft

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