A girly Saturday

Last Saturday was my mum’s birthday, and so to celebrate we (me, my mum, the baby and Harry mum’s dog) went to the beach for lunch.

There is a lovely cafe right on the seafront which does great food, and also absolutely amazing cakes - they have 3 cabinets full of homemade delights!

So having been there before and enjoyed it, we chose this as our venue!

After lunch we went for a walk along the beach, and remembering the advert I saw for my pushchair (see below), I thought I would take it for a spin on the sand….Well, I didn’t get very far and soon started sinking, so decided I had better give up and go back to the pavement!!


After our walk we wondered into town and went and bought some naughty cakes from the local bakery!

Then it was back home to Mum’s where we tried out her new tea set and tucked into our cupcakes!

It was a lovely way to spend a day and was nice to see Mum on a Saturday as she usually is working!

2 years ago
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